iVAT Linked

iVAT Linked makes it possible to check whether a taxable person is registered in more than one country.


You can also use it to find out where a taxable person is established or has a fixed establishment, has appointed a tax representative or is registered directly for VAT. Sometimes you also need to know your customer’s general tax number. This data is necessary to issue a correct invoice.


If you would like to have access to this information about your customers free of charge, enter the details of your own business and forward this message to your customers and suppliers.

You can manage, protect and update the individual numbers by logging in with your email address.


Go to http://linked.i-vat.com


To register and input your data click on “login” and then “register”.


Fill in your email address and the VAT number of the country where the company for which you want to input and maintain the VAT number(s) is established. Fill in the company name as well and click on “create company”.


You can now make changes and add other VAT numbers for other countries for this company.